Organizing Committee Member

Michael Borsky

Michael Borsky


FMH Chirurgie, Gründungsmitglied bei etzelclinic



Dr Borsky is practicing surgery for 30 years. Graduated from the University of Zurich he spent most of his residency in institutions around the city of Zurich, including the Zurich University Hospital. At last head of surgical department in a country hospital in the larger Zurich area he founded together with another colleague in the year 2000 the “etzelclinic”, a surgical and orthopaedic unit. In the meantime the “etzelclinic” accommodates 8 surgeons, each team dealing only with one joint. Dr Borsky was from the beginning pushing the “orthobiology” treatments additionally to the surgical treatments of knee diseases, especially in knee osteoarthritis, being amongst the first in Switzerland offering intraarticular PRP preparations.

Research Area

Osteoarthriti, orthopedics