Speaker Biography

Rahul Grover

Central Institute of Orthopaedics, New Delhi, India

Title: Functional evaluation of pre-contoured medial malleolus locking plate in malleolar fracture

Rahul Grover


There are multiple modalities described in literature to fix medial malleolus but no clear guidelines are there for choosing the type of implant in various fracture patterns. Hence we hypothesized the use of low profile precontoured locking plate for all​ types of fracture patterns for better fixation, reduction, early mobilisation and weight bearing. A prospective longitudinal study on 30 patients followed up for 6 months to study functional and clinical outcomes of medial malleolus plating in treatment of malleolar fractures by using FADI and AOFAS scores for 2 years at Central Institute of Orthopedics, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. Isolated medial malleolar, bimalleolar and trimalleolar fractures were included in patients of age >18 years. Mean age at injury is 34 years with male predominance in younger population with equal distribution of males and females in >50 years age group. SER was found to be most common pattern. At the end of 6 months, mean VAS score was found to be 0.43, mean FADI score was 103.23 whereas mean AOFAS score was 92. Mean dorsiflexion was 20 degrees and mean Plantar flexion was 49.66 degrees. 1 patient (3.33%) developed superficial infection, 2 patients (6.67%) developed mild terminal restriction of movement. No patient developed deep infection and required implant removal for same. All patients showed union at the end of 6 months. It is concluded that it is an excellent technique as 90% patients showed excellent results in our study.